Services and Products offered:

 Business/Personal Credit :


Build $100k+ in Business Capital and/or Personal Lines of Credit in as little as 1 to 4 weeks.


Qualifications: With a 700+ Credit Score and No derogatory information on your credit profile, we have the ability to help you...


  • Establish 5 to 7 lines of Corporate Credit
  • Receive Pre-approved Corporate Credit Lines in the thousands for your company
  • Leverage thousands of dollars in Corporate Credit
  • Obtain a Corporate American Express Card in about 120 days even with Personal Credit scores in the 500's

Banking Relationships:

  •  We assist you in establishing multiple banking/lending relationships simultaneously without conflicting with other banks. We establish many accounts in good standing to provide more access to credit now and in the future from multiple banking sources  

    Better Rates/Terms:


  • We provide the assistance to increasing limits to business accounts and personal accounts, prior to activation and in the future.     


Credit Restoration:


If not 700+ credit score, it will take us longer and it will cost more money upfront, to restore your credit to acceptable lending requirements.


  • We have the Ability to Remove Inquiries, BK's, Liens, Judgments, Collections, Lates, etc. as long as they are 2yrs + old.
  • Or, you can DO IT YOURSELF!  Get all the forms needed from us, if you have the time. 

Residential Mortgages:


We have the ability to do Residential Mortgage Loans in 12 states, preferably in Illinois or Indiana, due to established relationships which assist in expediting the process.


Qualifications:   620 – 700+ score to get 90 – 100% financing.


We'd like to say THANK YOU for coming to our website.  We've skipped all the flash for the content.  We focus our attention on each customer who we know has a specific need.  So we strive to meet those specific needs and provide quality service, integrity and individual attention.  We pride ourselves in giving you the financial information and assistance every American is looking for...  

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